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How Much Does it Cost to Remove Finlock Gutters?

Finlock guttering was the standard choice for houses constructed between 1950 and the 1970s. However, as it is made of concrete it will always end up deteriorating and cracking causing leaks, structural damage, mould and damp to name but a few problems. Many homes that were constructed at this time have reached the point where…


Protect Your Home And Spread The Cost – Finlock Financing

As the UK’s best Finlock gutter removal company, we understand that, even in light of the costs of not replacing your Finlock guttering…

Our uPVC Solution

Energy Efficiency And Other Benefits Of Having Finlock Gutters Replaced

Finlock guttering became popular across the UK in the post-war era and was still being installed on properties as late as the 1970s…


How To Choose The Right Concrete Gutter Specialists For Your Home

Your home is, most likely, your biggest investment. As such, when you are looking at getting any type of work done that could…

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The Cost Of NOT Replacing Your Concrete Gutters

Finlock guttering is a gutter system made from concrete that sits on top of the cavity walls of the house, consisting of…


Are Concrete Gutters Bad? Know The Disadvantages

Concrete gutters are made from cement, sand and water, and were popular between the 1950s and 1970s. These gutters were built in situ…

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Do Concrete Gutters Contain Asbestos?

Concrete gutters were a replacement for iron gutters in post-war Britain, because of the steel shortages at the time. They were popular from the 1950s…

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Will Having Concrete Finlock Gutters Affect The Sale Of My House?

Concrete guttering, also known as Finlock guttering, was a system of guttering that was very popular on houses constructed between the 1950s and the 1970s…


What Are Finlock Gutters?

Concrete gutters, also known as Finlock gutters, were used in many parts of the UK. Tens of thousands of homes still have them installed…

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