Finlock Concrete Gutter Removal and Replacement

Finlock Removals is your go-to, trusted company for concrete gutter removal and replacement.

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The benefits of choosing us

There are many reasons why choosing us makes so much sense. With decades of expertise and highly qualified engineers, not to mention our top-quality products and long warranties, we are the obvious choice for your gutter removal and replacement.

Over 20 years of industry experience

We have over 20 years of industry experience so you can trust us to complete the job properly.

Highly qualified installation teams

Fully trained and insured craftsmen equipped with the latest access equipment to save you on scaffolding.

Concrete gutter removal is all we do

We have 5 teams that work nationwide removing Finlock concrete gutters... all day, every day and that is all we do.

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Dedicated customer after-care

We value our after-care as highly as we value the order in the first place. We have a service team to hand any post installation issues.

Why we recommend concrete gutter removal

Finlock gutters are prone to issues due to poor installation and the sheer weight of the concrete. This has led to many problems for homeowners as the guttering expands and contracts, allowing water to penetrate the cavity wall.

This then causes dropping and sagging above windows, damp issues inside the property, as well as making the internal temperature colder. A full removal and replacement gives homeowners a permanent one-off cost solution when compared to temporary options such as lining, which is why it’s our recommended method.

Don’t just take our word for it

We don’t need to blow our own trumpet, our customers are more than happy to sing our praises after experiencing the professional services we offer. Read what some of them have to say about us.

Our uPVC solution - replace concrete guttering

Replacing Finlock guttering with our uPVC solution avoids the potential risk of expensive, long-term damage to your home. Once successfully installed, your uPVC guttering will stop further leaks and dampness caused by faulty joints and grouting. It also improves thermal efficiency and reduces the risk of condensation.
We have different styles and colours available to suit your preference, and use only the highest grade materials from top manufacturers.

The homeowner benefits from:

 • Improved energy efficiency
 • More visually appealing exterior
 • Higher chance of a home sale
 • Less hassle with repairs in the future
 • The cheapest solution in the long run

Our extensive experience helps protect your property from future moisture and damp problems. You will receive a fit-for-purpose, well-ventilated drainage solution that is hassle-free.

The common problems we solve

Tired concrete guttering can cause many extensive and costly problems for your home, and a simple replacement from Finlock can help fix them quickly.


Bad joins


Damp, mould and leaks


Failed lining


Cold bridging

The removal and replacement process

Cutting away Finlock concrete guttering blocks and replacing them with a uPVC system is a specialist job and one that must be carried out to a high standard to avoid any damage to your property. Our tried and tested method below is the correct way to carry out the work.

Step 1

Step 1

We have invested heavily in supplying our teams with the latest Easi-dec access equipment which reduces the need for scaffolding, saving you money and hassle. The fitters will erect their Easi-dec upon arrival and remove it the same day.

Step 2

Step 2

The first steps involve pushing back the first row of tiles, removing any failed aluminium lining and also removing any of the face plates that can be found on the square style of concrete gutters.

step 3

Step 3

We use a diamond tipped cutting blade to cut away your finlock concrete blocks. This is a noisy, dusty process and one that has to be done properly to avoid any structural damage to the property

step 4

Step 4

We install a pressure treated timber faceplate to the remaining concrete, this gives us a straight and solid base to attach the uPVC products to and also helps eliminate cold bridging.

Step 5

Step 5

Using only the best materials is paramount to our work, we will install a uPVC fascia, soffit and guttering to your property. All of our materials have a 20 year manufacturers guarantee and they will not fade or discolour.

step 6

Step 6

We will install an EPS (Eaves Protection System) tray to your property. This slides underneath the felt and overruns into the new guttering. It provides ventilation to your roof space, stops water getting through any tears or holes along the bottom of your felt and directs all water perfectly into the new guttering.

step 7

Step 7

One of the final and most crucial stages is joining your lovely new uPVC guttering to next doors concrete guttering (if you share a downpipe). We have a tried and tested method for doing this and it require a lot of skill – skill that we have in abundance.

Step 8

Step 8

Finally we will clean up any mess, put all your rubbish into a heavy duty hippo waste bag which will be collected and then we leave your house looking stunning and the envy of your neighbours.


Buy now pay later

Pay nothing for 6 months and then spread the cost for as little as £54 per month*

*Credit is subject to status and affordability

Hassle free installation

Our simple order and installation process ensures you are informed throughout, and are left with modern, fit-for-purpose guttering.


Request a free quote

Our free quotations couldn't be simpler - we don't even need to visit. A quick chat with some questions about your guttering, downpipe location, property access, ground conditions etc, is all we need to compile your quote.


Place your order

When you place your order with us, we will confirm your chosen options for colours, gutter shape etc, and then a formal order form will be drawn up for you to sign. We do not take any deposit and the balance is paid in full once the job is done.


Installation from expert fitters

Once we receive your order, our installations department will contact you to arrange your fitting date and explain how things will work concerning any scaffolding or waste removal needs. They will also let you know the names of the fitters attending your home.



We pride ourselves on ensuring your home is left looking clean and tidy, making your refreshed property the envy of your neighbours. We leave you with all the warranty and certification paperwork. Our team are on hand if you have any further concerns or snagging issues.

Real people, real stories!

Our clients are so happy with our service and products, they can’t wait to share their experiences. See what many of them have to say about their results. Here are just a few of them with photos of the finished products they’re so pleased with.

Frequently asked questions

There are plenty of companies out there who will do the job cheaply for you. However, you should question where they are cutting corners to get the price so low and how this will adversely affect your property. The cost, when done properly, will depend on numerous factors including, but not limited to, access issues, asbestos on site, how many sides need replacing, availability, etc. If you would like a free quote, then please contact us to discuss this.

The fitting teams at Finlock Removals do this kind of work day in, day out. As such, we can normally replace a side, all being well, in one to two days. If it is plain sailing, then our experienced teams may well be able to get two sides done within one day. We will normally give you an indication as to how long we expect the fitters to be on your job, but you will not be living on a building site for weeks on end and your property will not be left exposed to the elements. 

In short, no. The majority of the work we do involves joining new guttering to a to a neighbours concrete guttering, and we have a tried and tested method of doing this. Our method ensures there are no leaks in this area, which is often problematic for other companies.

While this may seem like the cheaper option, it's not more cost-effective in the long run. Lining is only a temporary solution, and you will find yourself having to reline your gutters again in the near future. While many companies may offer a guarantee, should you read this in finer detail you are likely to find that it does not cover further deterioration of the concrete gutters themselves. Even the lining companies know that Finlock gutters are a failing system!

Finlock Removals offers a 20-year warranty as part of the terms and conditions of each sale, which covers the workmanship and materials. We know that we only use the best on both fronts. We also offer an independent warranty to all our customers, from the IWA (Independent Warranty Association), which covers the above for ten years (the maximum they will offer). So you have the added peace of mind should anything happen to us.

We appreciate that solar panels are becoming increasingly popular. However, most companies that install them will only allow you to move them twice during the entire duration of them being on your roof. As such, to save you the hassle, we have developed a technique so you do not have to move them that still allows us to replace your concrete gutters with uPVC.

The dampness that you are likely to experience from failing Finlock gutters is going to present itself in the top corners of your upstairs rooms (adjoining to the concrete gutters) or on the exterior of the property just below the concrete gutters. As soon as you see anything like this, we advise that you get your Finlock gutters replaced with uPVC.

If you can get them replaced before it reaches this point, then you will also save yourself redecorating costs. Bear in mind it will take a few months for your property to dry out completely. If you can get a dehumidifier in the affected rooms or open a window on days when it’s not damp, this will also help.

If you are still experiencing damp issues, then we recommend that you have your roof felt inspected. If this has not been replaced and is still the original felt from when the property was built, then it is likely to be around sixty years old. As the gutters are the same age and proven to be a failing system, we always recommend starting with replacing these.

The asbestos in these downpipes is the lowest grade possible. While we wouldn’t advise handling this yourself, our fitting teams are trained and qualified to handle asbestos safely so we can do this for you, no problem. It will be wrapped and tagged as per regulations. We will then organise for a licensed asbestos removal company to remove the asbestos from site.

A lot of other companies out there use ladder cripples which have been widely condemned by the HSE. We use fully compliant Easi-Dec equipment which means we can access areas safely that other companies cannot. This will also be bought and taken away by the fitters. There may be some occasions where scaffolding is required, but if this is the case, we are likely to have a preferred supplier in your area whom we can contact to arrange this.

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