Energy Efficiency And Other Benefits Of Having Finlock Gutters Replaced

Some things in life we take for granted, like our property guttering system. But what if there were other positives to be enjoyed based on the choice of material used, including health and financial benefits, that you hadn’t previously considered?

Finlock guttering became popular across the UK in the post-war era and was still being installed on properties as late as the 1970s. The reason for its common use during this period was the simple benefits it offered in a time of rebuilding and austerity.

However, during this period of mass installation across the country, long-term issues were unforeseen, eventually resulting in gradual leakage, thermal bridging and aesthetic degradation. Also, due to the weight of the concrete used in Finlock guttering, structural damage occurred in many buildings leaving homeowners with costly repair bills. For these reasons, Finlock guttering has largely fallen out of favour and been replaced by modern lightweight alternatives – often made of uPVC.

What are the alternatives to Finlock guttering?

With the advancement of technology came the development of other materials more suited than concrete for use in guttering systems, including the following most popular options:

uPVC gutters

uPVC is one of the most economical materials for guttering, which is why they are regularly seen on modern buildings. uPVC is a lightweight material that is resistant to rust and corrosion, easy to clean and doesn’t require painting.

Aluminium gutters

Aluminium guttering is another lightweight material with good durability which is corrosion resistant. However, it is typically used on commercial buildings as it has proven to be quite noisy during heavy rain and also carries an ‘industrial’ appearance

Cast iron gutters

Cast iron gutters have been a popular choice of material for guttering for many years, particularly on buildings with a traditional or historical aesthetic. Cast iron is known for its durability as it can withstand heavy rainfall as well as having a large capacity to aid water drainage. It is highly fire resistant and has low thermal movement caused by fluctuating temperatures. Able to be painted to match the building, it can provide a level of noise reduction. However, it is typically more costly than aluminium and uPVC guttering.

How can modern guttering improve my quality of life?

Modern, lightweight and durable guttering material options provide your home with a cost-effective solution built to last, but this isn’t the only benefit of replacing your Finlock guttering. The primary function of gutters is to direct water away from the building, preventing damage to the structure. However, the material choice for your guttering system can have a positive impact on your home’s energy efficiency, your health and your pocket.   

Energy efficiency

Aluminium, uPVC and cast iron are all highly resistant to corrosion, preventing cracks from forming and water infiltration in the brickwork. It is this water that is one of the main causes of dampness, mould and mildew forming on your internal brickwork, and external damage to your building structure. By preventing this build-up from occurring at the source, you prevent the need for additional heating to counteract the loss through exterior damage and dampness. 

Long-term and short-term savings

It is very clear that if your guttering system is working efficiently and preventing water from causing any damage, then you will not find yourself in a situation where you need to use your heating more often due to internal heat loss. This is a saving in itself and combined with the current cost of living crisis we are all enduring, the savings could become quite significant. Other large savings would be from not having to pay for costly repairs caused by water damage to your home.  


Having a home that is well-maintained and free of mould, mildew and dampness is a great health benefit for all your family. Mould associated with damp buildings can trigger nasal congestion, coughs, sneezing, respiratory infections and exacerbate asthma and allergic conditions. These can have a severe knock-on effect on any vulnerable members of your family such as the young and the old, who may have weaker immune systems. By ensuring your guttering is properly installed and maintained you are providing your family with a healthier environment and promoting cleaner breathing.  

If you are considering replacing your old Finlock guttering but are unsure of the costs it entails, get in touch with one of our friendly team, who will be more than happy to supply you with an obligation-free quote and answer any questions you may have.  

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