How Much Does it Cost to Remove Finlock Gutters?

Finlock guttering was the standard choice for houses constructed between 1950 and the 1970s. However, as it is made of concrete it will always end up deteriorating and cracking causing leaks, structural damage, mould and damp to name but a few problems. Many homes that were constructed at this time have reached the point where they have either had to patch up their failing Finlock guttering with a lining repair several times or replace it completely.

This blog will explore some of the costs involved in removing and replacing your old Finlock gutters and, if you want to delve further into it, you can even read our blog which explains the costs of not replacing them.

Why remove Finlock guttering?

Repairing your damaged Finlock guttering will help to solve some of the problems caused in the short term. Damaged guttering can cause cold bridging, condensation, mould and damp and, if left for too long, even structural damage to walls, foundations and window and door frames. A repair job can halt the damage for a while, but eventually, it will either need to be done again or completely replaced.

The damage caused by broken Finlock guttering can add up to hundreds of thousands of pounds if it is left unattended, not to mention the health implications for those living in a damp and mouldy environment. Removing the Finlock guttering sooner rather than later is the best long-term answer to protect your property and family’s health. So, how much will it cost?

What factors influence the cost of removal?

There are a host of factors that can influence the cost of Finlock guttering removal such as:

Property size – a large five- or six-bedroom detached house is simply going to have more guttering than a semi-detached or terraced house and more guttering to remove will mean a bigger and more expensive, job.

Location and accessibility – some parts of the country can probably expect to pay more for gutter removal, such as London or if the property isn’t easy to access.

Materials used – the material of the new guttering will impact the cost, a uPVC gutter or a metal version will vary in price depending on the amount being replaced as well as the quality.

Additional extras – if you select extra things as part of the gutter replacement, such as gutter guards to prevent leaves or other debris from blocking up your new gutters, it will bring an additional cost.

How long does a gutter replacement take?

They say, “Time is money”, so how long will a gutter replacement actually take? Again, this will depend on the size of the building and the amount of guttering to be replaced, the state of the roof and guttering and the ease of access to the roof. However, the approximate amount of time it will take are:

  • Semi-detached bungalow or house – 1-2 days
  • Detached bungalow – 1-2 days
  • Terraced house – 1-2 days
  • Flat – 1-2 days
  • Detached house – 2-3 days
  • Garage – 1 day

Use Finlock Removals for a professional and cost-effective gutter replacement

At Finlock Removals, we’ve had decades of experience replacing concrete guttering up and down the country and can easily manage your property’s project. No matter the size or challenges of the job, our professional team can handle it.

We have professional teams equipped with Easi-dec access equipment, to save the need for scaffolding, and all you’ll need to do is give our teams access to a power outlet and let them get on with what they do best. They will set up the access equipment, remove the old guttering and replace it with the uPVC guttering of your choice. (Did we mention we have products available in a range of colours and finishes?)

The team will dismantle the Easi-dec equipment and remove all rubbish and old guttering at the end of the job – leaving your home the envy of the neighbourhood and removing all internal problems with damp and mould or other damage. You can read more about our replacement process here.

To get an exact quote for the cost of removal and replacement of your Finlock guttering on your property, get in touch with our expert and helpful team for a free, no-obligation quote and discuss our various finance options to help you cover the cost in the most budget-friendly way. Call 0800 915 3287 or email us at

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