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Finlock removals are your go-to company for any concrete gutter issues you are facing, we are nationwide, friendly, knowledgeable, and most importantly – qualified to help you. Best of all, it couldn’t be easier to contact us.


Have peace of mind

Not only do we provide a 20 year warranty, but we also provide an additional 10 year insurance backed warranty


Qualified installation teams

Fully trained and insured craftsmen equipped with the latest access equipment to save you on scaffolding.


Selection of styles & colours

We use only the very highest grade uPVC materials from top manufacturers. We can offer woodgrain effect finishes to match your windows.


Dedicated customer care

We have an installations department as well as a service engineer, our aftercare is as important as the sale.

About Finlock Removals

Concrete Gutter Removal & Replacement

Your house is, most likely, your biggest investment so why would you try to cut costs (and quality) when it comes to removing your concrete gutters and replacing them with an up-to-date uPVC system?

Our fitting teams have a plethora of experience so you can sit back in confidence knowing that whatever the weather, Finlock Removals have got you covered. If you would like more information regarding the tried and tested process we use or a free quote then please don’t hesitate to contact us. There’s no obligation but there is a reason why we’re the number one company within the industry.

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Leading concrete gutter removal specialists

Reliable and Friendly

Not only do our fitting teams have a wealth of experience but all our staff are willing and able to help you and give you advice. In the unlikely event that something isn’t quite right after the installation, we offer a twenty-year warranty on all workmanship and materials, we know we only use the best on both fronts. What’s more, once you’ve had the work done by Finlock Removals, you will also be covered by the IWA (Independent Warranty Association) for a period of ten years as we appreciate that you may want that extra peace of mind.

Don’t just take our word for it

Real people, real stories

We are pleased to say that we have plenty of happy customers who are over the moon with the work we’ve done on their house, removing the concrete gutters, and replacing with uPVC. Here are just a few below.

Mr and Mrs Mason | Whitby

We’d had quotes from other companies but Finlock Removals really seemed to stand out and we’re so glad that we went with them.

Mr and Mrs Rees | Surrey

We were looking at selling our property but found that buyers were trying to haggle money off because our property had concrete gutters. We decided to get them removed and replaced with upvc and we got our asking price.

Mr and Mrs Gilbert | Kent

Finlock Removals have completely transformed the look of our house and were so efficient

Mr and Mrs Lloyd | Cardiff

We had damp in our property. Removing the concrete gutters has resolved that problem and Finlock Removals were so helpful throughout

Mr and Mrs Barker | Plymouth

Our concrete gutters were leaking, we’d had them lined by another company but apparently that counted for nothing. We decided to get them removed by Finlock Removals and haven’t looked back

Mr Franklin | Cheshire

I can’t believe how quickly the fitters completed the work and now it all looks so much better

Mr and Mrs Ashed | Coventry

We had our gutters lined by Finlock Removals, they were very professional and we aren’t experiencing problems anymore. If we decide to get them removed we will go back to Finlock Removals.

Ms Ward | Essex

What a fantastic job! Signed the order form online, the fitters came with the access equipment, were polite and helpful and took the access equipment away with them


Finlock Gutters were installed just after the end of World War II in areas that needed rebuilding due to the bombing during the war. At the time there was a shortage of steel and a surplus of concrete, this is when Royston came up with Finlock guttering which were designed to be maintenance free and were integrated into the structure of the wall/ roof.

Unfortunately, the gutters have not performed as to their initial intended design as concrete soaks up moisture. This did not stop them being installed on approximately 90,000 houses across the country though as the issues took years to become apparent.

You buy cheap, you buy twice – this has never been more true than in the concrete gutter industry. There are plenty of companies out there who will do the job cheaply for you however, you should question as to where they are cutting corners to get the price so low and how this will adversely affect your property.

The cost, when done properly, will depend on numerous factors including but not limited to access issues, asbestos on site, how many sides need replacing, availability etc. If you would like a free quote, then please contact us to discuss this.

Obviously this depends if the great British weather is on our side! The fitting teams at Finlock Removals do this kind of work day in, day out, as such we can normally replace a standard front and back property in 1-2 days. We will normally give you an indication as to how long we expect the fitters to be on your job, but you will not be living on a building site for weeks on end and your property will not be left exposed to the elements.

In short, no. The majority of the work we do is joining to a neighbour and we have a tried and tested method of doing this which ensures that water remains free flowing between the properties and that there are no leaks at the join, which is often problematic for other companies.

Finlock Removals offer a twenty-year warranty as part of the terms and conditions of each sale which covers the workmanship and materials. We know that we only use the best on both fronts. We, also, offer an independent warranty to all our customers from the IWA (Independent Warranty Association) which covers the above for a period of ten years (the maximum they will offer) so you have the added peace of mind should anything happen to us.

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    The Problems and our Solution

    The main problems with Finlock Guttering

    Where to start? Ultimately it is a failing system. If you are not experiencing problems, then you are very lucky. We would still suggest that you get your concrete gutters replaced so that you don’t incur redecoration costs on top of the replacement of your concrete gutters. Main problems include, internal damp, cold bridging, external damp, bowing windows, external leaks, destroyed cavity wall insulation.