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concrete gutter problems include:

Bowed windows

Bowed Windows

Flooding and leaking

Dripping and Leaking

Building damages

Building Damage


Cold Bridging

The main problems we solve

  • 01

    Damp, mould and leaking

Finlock gutters have no fall on them, so it is easy for water to start to sit in them. This can lead to concrete gutters overflowing or, if they are cracked, you will start seeing a continuous leak.

As the water sits in the concrete guttering and then seeps into the fabric of the brickwork, it causes dampness inside the building and leads to the risk of mould, which is hazardous for your health and home.

You may see patches of dampness on the exterior brickwork or even mould appearing on ceilings inside the property, along with peeling wallpaper, staining and tiles pulling off from walls.

  • 02

    Failed lining

Due to the expansion and contraction of the concrete gutters - with changes in the temperature owing to the British climate - the concrete can shift, which causes cracks.

This allows water to sit in the drains and then leak down into the brickwork. If not fixed immediately, this causes great damage. This can also lead to concrete gutters overflowing or, if cracked, a continuous leak.

  • 03

    Sagging gutters and bowed windows

As the guttering fails and is filled with water, you will notice they begin to sag downwards. This is because concrete guttering weighs around half a tonne in itself, and even more with water added.

As they are often connected to door and window joists, this can then begin to make them difficult to open, close or even bow completely under this pressure. If not repaired, the guttering can even fall off in a block.

The concrete guttering overhang on an average property (6m per side) is around half a tonne in weight. If you have new windows fitted without proper reinforcement, then your new uPVC windows can bow under the weight.

Concrete guttering merely sits on top of level walls which encourages water to puddle, whereas new guttering is tilted to ensure the runoff of rainwater.

  • 04

    Thermal/cold bridging

Cold bridging is when cold materials meet warmer ones which results in the cooling of the warmer material. Cold bridging can be problematic in all weather conditions and affects not only how well-insulated your home is but also how much it costs to heat. It can impact your interior décor as well as your wallet.

  • 05

    Interior damage to your home

When left unattended, the cold, moisture and mould that is caused by failing gutters begin to damage your interior décor, which can manifest in anything from peeling wallpaper and bowed tiling to unsightly damp and mould stains. In extreme cases of neglect, we have seen badly cracked walls caused by failing guttering.

Redecorating is a waste of time, as the underlying issues need to be addressed first to stop these problems completely.

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The solutions

There are two main solutions to fixing ageing concrete guttering.

  • Lining and repair

A quick-fix solution which is more budget-friendly is to have the concrete guttering lined. Our lining process is comprehensive and more thorough than any other guttering company – with top-quality materials and additional layers for greater protection.

If caught early, lining can be an effective solution that will last for a number of years. However, ultimately the same problem will occur in time and need repairing again.

  • Removal

By far the most comprehensive and successful solution is to remove the old guttering completely and replace it with durable uPVC guttering.

Our removal process is comprehensive and effective, improving the thermal efficiency of your home and reducing the risk of condensation and dampness. Although more expensive initially, removal saves you money in further repairs or maintenance later, as well as in heating costs.

Finlock Removals – the team to trust

Finlock Removals have been trusted by many as we have proven time and time again just how reliable we are in both our customer service and the standard of our work – we have a long list of contented clients.

We have now removed over 26,000 metres of concrete gutters throughout the UK, giving you the confidence that your gutter replacement is in the best hands. We keep you updated throughout the process and ensure that all work is of the highest standard. We also clear up after we’ve finished – leaving your house looking smart and tidy.

Get in touch today with one of our friendly and expert team or call us on 0800 9153287 to discuss your concrete gutter needs and to receive a free, no-obligation quote.