The Main Issues

  • 01

    Damp and Mould

Damp will start to appear in the upper corners of the upstairs rooms adjacent to the concrete guttering. We also see damp patches on the exterior brickwork. Unfortunately, if left this damp can cause harmful mould.

  • 02

    Failed Lining

Most customers that we have completed work for have had their concrete gutters lined previously. Unfortunately, this is a short-term fix and can do more harm than good if not done correctly. In the long run lining isn't always cost effective.

  • 03

    External Gutter Leaks

You might step outside one day and notice a steady drip from your concrete gutters. Unfortunately, this means that your concrete gutters have failed and the situation is likely to only deteriorate from this point on.

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    Other common
    concrete gutter problems include:


    Bowed Windows

    The concrete guttering overhang on an average property (6m per side) is around half a tonne in weight. If you have new windows fitted without proper reinforcement then your new uPVC windows can bow under the weight.


    Dripping & Leaking

    Finlock gutters have no fall on them, so it is easy for water to start to sit in them. This can lead to concrete gutters overflowing or if they are cracked you will start seeing a continuous leak.


    Building Damage

    Finlock gutters are more than meets the eye, infact the external guttering is only 30% of what is there, hidden inside the roof is a back section of concrete that acts as a lintel for the roof and in extreme cases of neglect we have seen walls cracked badly from the guttering.


    Cold Bridging

    This is when cold air (from the concrete gutters) and warm air (e.g., from your heating) meet and cause condensation which is a form of damp. You will experience similar problems to damp issues above.