Are Your Concrete Gutters Leaking? We Can Help!

A leaking gutter is not ideal and can lead to ongoing repair jobs, large bills and lots of frustration. Concrete gutters are porous which means they will always struggle with holding and draining water. For this reason, we advise concrete gutter replacements to avoid returning issues and frequent repair work.

Why are my concrete gutters leaking?

Concrete gutters can be found on certain houses built between the 1950s and 1970s. They were used as an economical solution to the steel shortages caused by the war, and were originally thought to be a sturdy and robust guttering solution. Sadly, over their lifetime concrete gutters begin to fail and their porousness leads to several issues.

Ultimately, it is the porousness of the gutters that leads to problems and therefore is most likely what is causing your gutters to leak. Concrete gutters are not ideal vessels to hold and remove water, and therefore they begin to present lots of problems, such as leaking, cracking and mould.

The damage a leaking gutter can do to your home

Concrete gutters that are leaking can lead to several issues for your property. Foremost, leaks can enter cracks and opening points in the structure which can lead to:

  • Structural failures
  • Water damage
  • Weakened foundations
  • Compromised safety
  • Attracting pests
  • Water pooling

Other damage includex mould and dampness. Moisture builds up due to leaking gutters and can cause mould and mildew to grow in and around your home, possibly affecting your interior and also your health if not treated.

Furthermore, dampness and excess moisture can also lead to rotting of structures, weakened structural foundations and potentially compromise overall safety, resulting in cracks and sometimes collapsing gutters.

Leaking concrete gutters can be a big issue and it is namely due to the porousness of the gutters. As mentioned above, it is for this reason that Finlock gutters are considered a failing system.

The options if your concrete gutter is leaking

There are several ways you can rectify leaking concrete gutters. You can have a concrete gutter specialist assess your gutters and the repairs they may require. From there you can have individual repair jobs done to correct some of the issues. It is important to note that though this may initially seem the most cost-effective solution, repair jobs will only resolve the issue for some time. Due to the issues with concrete gutters, any repair jobs will not work long-term, resulting in recurring work.

The most advised – is a full replacement. A concrete gutter replacement is the most expensive option – upfront at least – but also the most effective. A replacement will stop all the issues associated with Finlock gutters. Replacing the gutters with a more functional uPVC option resolves any issues you may be experiencing. This option may be the most expensive initially, but this method rectifies problems completely and leaves you with functional, long-lasting gutters.

Another option is to have your gutters lined. Concrete gutter lining is a process whereby your gutters are fitted with waterproof paint to restore their functionality. This can make your gutters functional again for some time, but ultimately, the issues will always return over time.

Overall, a gutter replacement will be the most economical and worthwhile solution as it remedies the issues immediately and negates any further repair costs.

We understand that cost is a big factor when considering your gutter repair work and it may be tempting to opt for smaller repair jobs for short-term fixes. However, a complete concrete gutter replacement offers the best solution to all issues and ensures functional gutters for the longest time at one cost.

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