Your home is, most likely, your biggest investment. As such, when you are looking at getting any type of work done that could affect its structural integrity, you want to make sure that it gets done right, the first time.

Factors to consider

We’ve put together a handy list of what you should consider when selecting a Finlock gutter removal company that you’ll be comfortable with and who will do a good job. We’re not advocating any Finlock removal company over another, as what feels comfortable to some people may not sit right with others. These are simply tips to help you select the right company for you.

This is a highly specialised job and, as such, requires dedicated professionals to carry out the work. Opt for people who do this day in and day out rather than someone who is doing it for one of their first times and is, essentially, figuring things out as they go.

Our concrete gutter specialists have seen everything gutter-related under the sun and know how best to deal with it. Traders who dabble in a bit of everything won’t have this experience. We hope that they won’t take this as a personal slight against them. There are numerous services where we would say “Get a quote from a local tradesman,” but cutting your concrete gutters off and replacing them isn’t one of them.

Gutter Removal

Do they have insurance?

A reputable, specialist Finlock removal company will have proper insurance. This is something that’s worth double checking  they have in case:

1) They damage your property

2) They have an accident on your property

If they have an accident on your property and they don’t have the proper insurance then it becomes your problem. Keep in mind that anyone working on your gutter line is going to be working at heights unless you live in a bungalow. Suddenly, that cheaper quote could become a lot more costly.

Ensure that they either have full and comprehensive traders’ insurance or that they have separate policies for Public Liability (this will protect your home) and Worker’s Compensation (which will protect you if they have an accident).


Independent reviews

Check online for independent reviews. We recommend using Google as the best platform for reviews as this seems to be the “go-to” for most consumers and almost every business is on there. What’s more, Google is very meticulous in checking the legitimacy of reviews and will also provide you with an overall “score” based on the reviews provided.


We fully appreciate that cost is a contributing factor. However, always remember that you get what you pay for. Anyone who is super-cheap is going to be cutting corners somewhere or is not going to be sustainable as a business, so they won’t be around if you have problems down the line.

All businesses should make some profit from their work, because if they don’t then they won’t be around for long. Find a Finlock gutter specialist that won’t skimp. Some Finlock gutter removal specialists have special offers on at times, so it’s worth having a chat with them. You can also get a feel for them as a company at this point

Proper technique

Now, we’re not expecting you to know exactly what the technique is and stand there and monitor anyone doing work on your gutter. However, some steps should always be followed. At Finlock Removals we have outlined our tried-and-tested method, so if anyone is doing something differently, or skipping steps, then we would advise erring on the side of caution.

As we said at the top of this blog, in all probability, your home is the biggest investment you have or will make. Is this really the time to save on the pennies and sacrifice quality?

Proper rubbish disposal

Ensure that proper rubbish disposal is included in the price that you’ve been quoted. Some of the original downpipes contain low-grade asbestos which isn’t something you should be alarmed about. However, this does need to be removed safely and properly.

Research is paramount

Choosing the right concrete gutter specialist for your home is an important decision. It is important to do your research and consider factors such as experience, reputation and independent reviews among other factors.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions and make sure that you are comfortable with the specialist and their proposed plan of action before making a final decision. With the right Finlock gutter specialist, you can have peace of mind knowing that your home is protected from water damage and that your new gutters will look great and last for many years to come.

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