Solutions for failing Finlock gutters

Finlock Removals have a tried, tested, and proven method for safe Finlock guttering removal. This comes from fitting teams with years of experience in the industry.

If you want your Finlock gutter problems taken care of effectively and you want us to take care of your Finlock guttering removal safely, then get in touch to discuss your options and to get a free quote.

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  • Removal

If your Finlock concrete gutters are causing problems to your house with  growing damp problems and physical displacement with sagging above your windows, then it is time to call in professionals to remove them before any permanent damage occurs.

The removal of old Finlock concrete guttering will help to avoid expensive issues such as leaking or damage to the exterior or interior of the property and will stop problems of cold, condensation, dampness and mould.

We will remove the old concrete guttering safely and efficiently and replace it with high-quality, lightweight uPVC guttering, soffits and facias providing you with an excellent alternative that is covered by our 20-year warranty. Thanks to our tried and tested replacement process, our quality products and the expertise of our highly qualified engineers, you will see an improvement in the reduction of damp as well as prevention of any further damage to the structure of your property.

Flashform fitted on the concrete gutter lining
  • Lining

If your Finlock guttering hasn’t deteriorated to the point of needing to be removed, then another option to prevent damage to your home is to have it lined.

The lining process begins with a thorough cleaning of the gutters, repairing any small damage as well as the removal of old lining materials. Our lining process begins with painting quick-drying, waterproof fibreglass. After this comes the fitting of an eaves protection system (EPS), to make sure that water can’t enter the structure of your home, and then we fit a flashform over the top making sure that all joins are watertight and secure.

We will make sure that any connection to your neighbour’s property is covered, and although some steps of our process might seem overly thorough, we believe that we can’t be too careful in protecting your home from damp. If your gutters are in reasonable shape, then lining is a much cheaper and more cost-effective option than removal.

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We are concrete gutter specialists

As concrete gutter removal specialists, our extensive experience helps ensure your property is protected from future moisture and damp issues, by receiving a fit-for-purpose, well-ventilated drainage solution.

It is important to remember that any pre-existing damp must be treated and given chance to completely dry out. For advice on this, please speak to our team.