Going forwards, the housing market is predicted to get increasingly more competitive. There are a few key reasons why this may be the case. For one, the UK is entering into a recession, and as a result, the Bank of England has had to put measures in place, such as increasing their mortgage base rate to 1%, as well as halting the stamp duty tax holiday.

The UK has also begun to restrict the availability of lending also, as more people are becoming dependent on lending as a form of financing. The unemployment rate, as well as the cost-of-living, has gone up as a result also, reinforcing national affordability concerns. In summation, there are fewer people likely to move in the coming period, reducing the number of potential buyers for your house. It is integral, therefore, that as a homeowner trying to sell, you ensure you can maximise the value of your house by removing any deterrents.

It is suggested that two of the biggest deterrents for homebuyers are damp stains on the walls, which deters 69% of visitors a year, and property that is in a poor state of repair, which deters 59% of homebuyers.  Around 70,000 houses in the UK still have Finlock Concrete guttering, which becomes dysfunctional and can facilitate both deterrents mentioned above. To improve your competitiveness, this blog shall examine the extent to which your concrete gutters will impact the sale of your house, as well as the best practices for improving it.


What Are Concrete Gutters?

Concrete / Finlock gutters are a system of guttering made of concrete. Finlock gutters are usually found in properties that were built between the 1950s and 1970s. Their prominence was largely a result of sourcing a replacement for cast iron guttering systems, as there was a shortage of steel during the UK’s war efforts. Concrete was a logical alternative, as it was both durable and low-cost. Not only this, but at the time, the UK had begun to introduce cavity walls into residential construction practices, and concrete gutters provided a solution for closing the top of the cavity in the walls.

A Finlock gutter consists of two troughs, that are horizontally positioned, and rest at the head of a cavity wall. One of the troughs serves as the gutter system, whereas the other helps close the distance between the cavity walls. The cement blocks are connected using steel that is reinforced with mortar and rods. Once sealed, the troughs are lined with a coating of bitumen and other waterproof materials to further weatherproof the concrete gutters.

How Will Concrete Gutters Affect Your House Sale?

Every year, homeowners insurance companies pay out a whopping 2.5 billion in water damage-related losses. 37% of homeowners have claimed losses due to water issues, with a percentage being caused or compounded because of poorly functioning gutters.

A home appraiser will examine the gutters when estimating the value of your home and include their condition into your home value, subtracting the amount required to repair them. So, do gutters truly increase the value of your property? Not quite.

This is because functioning gutters are like the tyres on your car, in that buyers expect a property to have them, and for them to be in good shape – otherwise they will pay less for it. In this way, they may not directly add value to your house, but they can certainly add to the overall perceived value of your home, resulting in sale conversion.

Some of the ways properly functioning concrete gutters affect a house sale is included below:

Curb Appeal

The curb appeal of your property is the first impression your buyer gets as they arrive at your property, and therefore has a huge impact on the value of your home. The common focus for attracting highly qualified prospects is often placed on interior home staging, and often includes minimal effort on the exterior home-staging of the property, contributing manicured lawns and trimmed hedges as the extent of their effort. By paying at least equal attention to the exterior home-staging of your property, you will enhance your overall curb appeal immensely, and therefore the value of your property. Replacing your old gutter system is one of the most effective ways in which you can enhance your exterior’s aesthetic appeal. It is no secret that Finlock Concrete guttering is an ugly feature on any property.

Home Exterior Protection

Due to the materials involved in Finlock / concrete guttering systems, they are prone to corroding over time, and eventually lose function. Faulty concrete gutters can have numerous detrimental impacts on the interior and exterior of your home, as they begin to leak, and drain incorrectly – leading to dampness, an abundance of bugs, ‘odd spots’ in your garden, cracks in your foundation, and ugly water stains running down your walls and roof. By removing your broken concrete gutters, and replacing them with a new gutter system, you immediately add an unmatched layer of protection to the exterior of your property. Functional guttering directs rainwater away from the sides of your home, preventing exterior paint from peeling, and forming mould and rust on the outside. This adds value to your entire property.

Home Interior Protection

Upon protecting your home from rainwater on the exterior of your property, you are also able to reduce the damaging effects on the internal of your property. By removing ineffective concrete gutters on your home, you are no longer permitting rainwater to overflow and intrude through the subtle cracks that exist along windowsills and along the roofline. Once this water enters your home’s interior, then it can compound issues such as mould, flooding, cracking, the attraction of insects, and worsening health issues. All of which can be alleviated by removing old concrete guttering, and replacing it with uPVC.

Buyers Perception

Buyer perception defines reality in the real estate industry, much the same as for product marketing. By removing your old concrete gutters, and reinstalling uPVC ones, an immediate impression is formed from the buyer. They will both consciously and subconsciously assume that the homeowner has spared no detail when making amendments, inside and out of the property. They are the framing that conveys the entire building is something to marvel at.

Concrete Guttering Solutions:

If you are someone who has a faulty Finlock/concrete guttering system - that you’d like to sort - then there are two possible solutions, which have been outlined below:


The concrete gutter lining is a shorter-term repair, that helps to reduce many of the problems caused by failing Finlock gutters. Our team will bring all the equipment required, including access equipment that can be taken down after every visit.  We will then carefully remove the first course of tiles, and then the failed concrete gutter linings. We will then clean out your gutters, and paint them with our quick-drying, waterproof resin. Following this, we install an eaves protection system (EPS), with flashform over the top.

The concrete gutter lining we provide will dramatically improve your guttering system from its current state. However, damp issues are likely to remain - causing the Finlock guttering to gradually lose vitality and eventually fail again. It is therefore advised that you opt for complete concrete removal where possible.

Removal and Replacement

Concrete Finlock gutter removal is the more intensive of the two proposed solutions, which has the most long-lasting effect. Our team will bring all the necessary equipment required, including the latest Easi-dec access equipment - reducing the need for scaffolding, and saving you money.

The process begins by removing the first row of tiles, and any failed aluminium lining and face plates. We then use a diamond-tipped cutting blade to cut away your Finlock concrete blocks. We install a pressure-treated timber faceplate, as it provides us with a solid base to attach uPVC products to, Finally, we will attach a uPVC fascia, soffit, guttering, and EPS tray.

Once successfully removed, your new gutters will stop further leaks and dampness caused by defective joints, whilst also improving thermal efficiency and reducing the risk of condensation.

As highlighted previously, the housing market over the last 2 years has been unequivocally chaotic, because of external influences, such as Brexit, Covid 19, and the Ukrainian war. It is predicted that the housing market is going to get more competitive still, with rising base rates, and the removal of stamp duty tax. As a result, homeowners need to do everything they can, to ensure that they sell their house for its maximum potential value.

It was proposed that damp stains on your walls – largely a result of faulty guttering - can deter homebuyers by 69%. It is, therefore, more than advised to consider the health of your guttering and to resolve it if it is faulty. Doing so, could improve your curb appeal, and protect your home’s interior and exterior, whilst benefiting the overall buyer’s perception. Some gutters – such as concrete guttering – can be incredibly technical to remove, and potentially harmful if containing asbestos. It is therefore advised that you consult a highly skilled professional, such as Finlock Removals, to make sure the job is done as quickly and effectively as possible.

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