Concrete Gutter Removal & Replacement Staffordshire

Does your Staffordshire property have Finlock gutters? We have two methods for dealing with them, both of which have been thoroughly tested and have proven to work time and time again. These methods are replacement/removal and re-lining.

Finlock gutters, also known as concrete gutters, were fashionable in UK homes during the 1950s to 1970s, owing to steel shortages at the time. They were seen as the ideal replacement for iron gutters because they worked efficiently with cavity walls, which were also popular at the time.

However, many homeowners are unaware of the issues that concrete gutters cause. These guttering systems are known to have a lifespan of thirty years or less, depending on how well they are maintained. When unmaintained systems become extremely problematic, they cause many issues both inside and outside your home. The problems experienced range from dampness and mould to thermal bridging and many more serious issues.

Solutions For Concrete Guttering Staffordshire

We at Finlock Removals are experts in the Finlock gutter industry and have been for the last 20 years. As we have been in the trade for a while, we have the knowledge and skill set to overcome the challenges presented by concrete gutters. We understand that you want a reliable and cost-effective solution to make sure any water damage is taken care of as quickly as possible.

Finlock Removals UK Map
Setting up the equipment to install the new concrete gutter lining

Concrete Gutter Removal Process

The concrete gutter removal/replacement process can be completed without the need for scaffolding. At Finlock removals, we have invested heavily in providing our team with the best possible equipment. Our state-of-the-art Easy-dec equipment is a particularly great asset, as it reduces the need for scaffolding and saves homeowners money. Depending on access and the extent of the work required, however, scaffolding may have to be used.

The Finlock team will arrive at your property in Staffordshire, with their ready-to-assemble Easy-dec equipment in hand. This access equipment can be assembled and de-constructed on the same day and complies with HSE rules and regulations.

Once the equipment has been assembled, the next step will be completed using a diamond-tipped cutting blade, which allows for more precise and accurate work. Because this process is loud and dusty, we always recommend getting professionals like ourselves to do this work. We say this because when jobs like this are not done by professionals, it can cause even more problems to occur.

After the previous concrete gutters have been removed, our team will install your brand-new uPVC gutters, along with an EPS tray system to provide air circulation for your home’s roof space.

Then, once the new gutter has been installed, all the remaining mess will be cleaned up using our Hippo heavy-duty waste bags. For more information about concrete gutter replacement, as well as a full breakdown of the removal process, click here.

There are many advantages to having your concrete guttering replaced entirely, these are listed below:

Gettering SVG

Entirely new gutter system, without previous issues

Hourglass SVG

Longer lifespan

Hardhat SVG

More functional materials available for improved guttering (uPVC)

Cavity Wall SVG

Protects cavity wall insulation

Cloud SVG

Stops damp, leaks

Temperature SVG

Reduces cold bridging

House SVG

Improves aesthetic of the property

For Sale Sign SVG

Increases saleability of the property

LightBulb SVG

Improved energy efficiency

Scraper SVG

Less hassle with future repair work

Scraper SVG

Less hassle with future repair work

Hardhat SVG

More functional materials available for improved guttering (uPVC)

Cloud SVG

Stops damp, leaks

Cavity Wall SVG

Protects cavity wall insulation

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Concrete Gutter Lining

Although full removal/replacement can be quite costly, it is not as expensive as people say. If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option, however, we recommend concrete gutter lining. This option allows the homeowner to maintain their current concrete gutter, by relining it to prevent problems from arising again.

At Finlock, we would rather be honest with you than make false promises. As such, it must be noted that although the lining method is a smart choice, it doesn’t get rid of the problem forever and issues may return later down the line. We can, however, guarantee that problems will be kept at bay for a considerable while.

If you are looking for a more cost-effective method that still does the job, the lining procedure is the obvious choice. Whilst the lining solution works effectively, we at Finlock make no attempt to hide the fact that lining solutions do not last forever, however it does an effective job in the short to medium term.

Old concrete gutter lining is cut away
Concrete gutters lined

Concrete Gutter Lining Process

Our skilled fitters will arrive at your property with all the equipment needed to complete the task. This job does not usually require scaffolding. However, this may be different if access to certain areas proves especially difficult.

Following this, your roof tiles will be removed carefully, as along with any debris in your roof’s gutter. Then, the team will use a waterproof fibreglass paint to preserve your gutter and protect it from the elements.

Next, an EPS system will be connected to your home. We strongly believe this is a vital step, though many other companies do not agree with this process. Once the EPS tray has been installed, your tiles will be replaced. This ensures that no water can re-enter your home. The trays are then connected to ensure they can’t slip or move. If your house is terraced or semi-detached, your new guttering will be joined to the neighbours’ gutters.

Advantages of concrete gutter lining

Timer SVG

Short-term fix

Cost Effective SVG

More cost-effective

Checkmark SVG

Quick Completion

Planning SVG

Doesn’t require extensive planning

Leak SVG

Stops leaks and other issues

Hourglass SVG

Improved life span

Checkmark SVG

Quick Completion

Hourglass SVG

Improved life span

The Problems with Concrete Gutters

Gutters are an important part of your home, as they protect your building from water damage. They can last for up to 30 years with proper maintenance and care, but if you do not take good enough care of them, their lifespan may be shortened, causing many problems to arise.

As concrete gutters are made of a porous material, this means that rather than removing drainage water, the concrete will absorb the water, thus making it heavier and causing more issues to arise. Leakages are one of the most common problems and usually the indicator that your gutters might be having problems. Leaks will first appear in the corner of your ceiling, which can cause your wallpaper to peel. This can also cause damp and mould to accumulate in your home, as well.

Thermal bridging is another common problem that people experience with concrete gutters. This means that the heat from inside your home can escape more easily because of your broken gutter. This will ultimately lower the temperature in your home, as a result of energy loss. The loss of energy and heat in your home will also lead to high energy bills, especially in the winter.

Replace or Repair?

In light of the problems mentioned above, there is really only one solution when it comes to preventing these issues from arising again. That is the removal/replacement process. Whilst the lining process has its advantages and is a more budget-friendly alternative, it is not as long-lasting as full removal.


To avoid costly bills in the future, replacement is the recommended option and a much safer long-term solution. Whilst this is the more expensive upfront option, investing in full replacement reduces any future costs for repairs that need to be made to your concrete gutters.

To discuss your circumstances further or for more accurate pricing information, please contact us directly for a quote.

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