Concrete Gutter Removal & Replacement in Norfolk

The decline of concrete gutters began in the 70s when cavity wall construction was no longer an issue. Iron gutter systems have been around since WWII but had their drawbacks, including shortages caused by World War II and production limitations on steel plants after the war ended. This led many people towards using alternatives like concrete instead, which worked well until problems arose in the long term.

Over time, these gutters become porous and lose their useability. Instead of protecting a home from water damage and rainfall, the concrete absorbs the water, retaining it and causing structural problems for a property, both internally and externally.

Today, thousands of homes across the UK are still fitted with concrete gutters, with homeowners unaware of the structural issues they cause. This results in many homeowners facing unnecessary costs from leakages, mould, damp, cold bridging and more, unable to resolve the issue or understand where the root of the problem lies.

Concrete Guttering Services in Norfolk

Many homes still feature concrete gutter systems. Once the gutters’ expected lifespan is complete, there are a variety of issues that will result in inevitable repair work.

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Finlock Gutter Removal

While it may be a complicated task, removing a worn-out concrete gutter system comes with an assortment of benefits once replaced with a modern alternative. The removal process implemented by Finlock Removals throughout Norfolk is devised in a way that minimises future damage by removing the outdated gutters, repairing the damage around the guttering and roof and installing a more functional and efficient gutter system.

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There are many advantages to having your concrete guttering replaced entirely, these are listed below:

Gettering SVG

Entirely new gutter system, without previous issues

Hourglass SVG

Longer lifespan

Hardhat SVG

More functional materials available for improved guttering (uPVC)

Cavity Wall SVG

Protects cavity wall insulation

Cloud SVG

Stops damp, leaks

Temperature SVG

Reduces cold bridging

House SVG

Improves aesthetic of the property

For Sale Sign SVG

Increases saleability of the property

LightBulb SVG

Improved energy efficiency

Scraper SVG

Less hassle with future repair work

Scraper SVG

Less hassle with future repair work

Hardhat SVG

More functional materials available for improved guttering (uPVC)

Cloud SVG

Stops damp, leaks

Cavity Wall SVG

Protects cavity wall insulation

Our concrete gutter removal process is streamlined and exact. It does not require scaffolding and can be achieved in a cost-effective way, minimising the costs that are passed onto you. At Finlock Removals, we ensure quality and safety above all else with our removal process.

Our expert team specialise in concrete gutter removal, using state-of-the-art tools like diamond-tipped cutting blades, designed to provide a more precise result when removing older gutters.

Once your old concrete gutters have been removed, our team will then carefully install your new system along with an EPS tray to provide ventilation for the roof space, before we clear any remaining mess left behind.

For more information on replacing your old concrete gutters, as well as a full breakdown of the removal process, please make sure to visit our information hub.

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Benefits of Concrete Gutter Lining

For a more cost-effective solution, you can instead opt for our concrete gutter lining process.

Gutter lining is an alternative repair service that we’ve designed to allow the homeowner to retain their original concrete gutter system, purely by re-lining them.

Our gutter lining process at Finlock Removals carefully removes the old lining before implementing a new, modern substitute, sealing the gutter from further leaks and damage.

Investing in concrete gutter lining is a more budget-friendly option, with a lower upfront cost. However, removal is often considered the safer option, purely because concrete gutter lining is often seen as a temporary solution.

While re-lining has its advantages and it’s worth the investment to fix any immediate issues, there is a risk associated with it, since there’s no guarantee that these problems won’t arise once more in the future.

Concrete gutter is then joined to the neighbour
Mr and Mrs Gilbert with new uPVC gutering after their concrete gutter replaced

The Concrete Gutter Lining Process

  1. Prep the property for re-lining.
  2. Remove the roof tiles to make the following steps easier.
  3. Carefully remove the old lining and clean the gutters thoroughly from debris and other blockages, such as leaves or moss.
  4. Once thoroughly cleaned, the gutter will be lined using our non-porous and quick-drying waterproof paint, which is more effective than an alternative lining solution.
  5. Once the lining is dried, your EPS system is then installed, and flash form fitted before the tiles are placed back.
  6. Finally, if your home is attached to a neighbouring property, the gutters will be seamlessly joined to your neighbour’s guttering to ensure better protection for your home.

Advantages of concrete gutter lining

Timer SVG

Short-term fix

Cost Effective SVG

More cost-effective

Checkmark SVG

Quick Completion

Planning SVG

Doesn’t require extensive planning

Leak SVG

Stops leaks and other issues

Hourglass SVG

Improved life span

Checkmark SVG

Quick Completion

Hourglass SVG

Improved life span

The Problems with Concrete Gutters in Norfolk

Concrete gutters often run into several issues after they reach their 30-year life expectancy. Concrete gutters are a porous material and are prone to leaks, mould, damp and other issues.

One of the major problems that impact concrete guttering is leaks. It is often the first sign that your gutter system may be damaged or not working effectively. Concrete gutters that are poorly maintained through this can also result in the gutters sagging, leading to structural damage as well as further risk to windows that sit underneath.

Another problem that often arises with concrete gutters is thermal bridging. This occurs when heat from inside your home escapes through the concrete gutters and into the cold air outside, resulting in a loss of energy. This loss of energy and subsequent heat then leads to higher energy bills.

Replace or Repair?

The above issues can be repaired either through the removal and replacement of the gutters or by re-lining them. While lining has its array of benefits, to ensure the issues don’t return, it is often seen as more advantageous in the long term to remove your older concrete gutters.


As previously mentioned, concrete gutter lining is a more suitable short-term solution that’s cost-effective to implement. However, issues like leaks and thermal bridging can arise again unless the old guttering is completely removed and replaced. To reduce the risk of future repairs, investing in concrete gutter replacement is often recommended as a safer long-term solution.

While it is the more expensive option upfront,  replacement nullifies any long-term costs caused by concrete gutters that may arise in the future.

For more detailed information regarding costs, please contact us directly for a quote to discuss your needs.

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