Concrete Gutter Removal & Replacement Essex

Owing to a steel shortage between 1950 and 1970 concrete gutters became a common feature for homes in place of iron ones. As a result, where many UK properties lacked an adequate guttering system, concrete gutters – called Finlock gutters – were routinely installed. 

Concrete guttering typically has a lifespan of 30 years, however, when they begin to fail, they become porous and this causes issues with the functionality of the whole system.  

Despite their outdated functionality and short lifespan, concrete gutters are still present on the outside of thousands of homes in Essex and throughout the country. 

Solutions For Concrete Guttering Essex

In Essex, many properties still commonly have concrete guttering on houses and other residential properties. However, when their 30-year lifespan comes to an end, it can lead to both interior and exterior deterioration – costing you way more in the long run. To solve the issue once and for all, get in touch with Finlock Removals for a competitive solution.

Concrete gutters in Essex
Mr and Mrs Mason with the new uPVC guttering after their concrete gutter was removed

Concrete Gutter Removal in Essex

The best and most effective solution to failing Finlock concrete guttering in Essex is to have it completely removed and replaced to prevent any further or lasting damage to your property. This procedure involves completely removing the entire concrete guttering system, repairing any damage that has occurred and installing a new, lightweight and functional system.  

With over two decades in the industry, we have seen every possible problem relating to Finlock guttering and we are the most highly qualified and skilled company to remove and replace your faulty concrete guttering securely.  

We can make the process of removing and replacing the Finlock guttering of your Essex home simple and swift. Without the need for scaffolding and using our diamond-tipped cutting blade, our operations are cheaper and more precise. The procedure is noisy and messy, however, so it should always be carried out by experts – like Finlock Removals. 

After the removal of the old, faulty concrete guttering, our crew will replace them – installing a new, lightweight PVC guttering system and an EPS tray to ensure ventilation for your home’s roof space. We also clean up all mess that has been created, removing all debris with heavy-duty hippo waste bags – leaving your Essex home as clean and tidy as when we arrived! 

For a detailed explanation of the removal process and to answer all your questions regarding your gutter replacement, get in touch to chat with a member of our expert team. 

There are many advantages to having your concrete guttering replaced entirely, these are listed below:

Gettering SVG

New, lightweight PVC gutter system 

Hourglass SVG

Longevity of new system 

Hardhat SVG

PVC guttering won’t break down 

Cavity Wall SVG

Protects cavity wall insulation 

Cloud SVG

Prevents damp and mould 

Temperature SVG

Reduces cold bridging

House SVG

New, clean aesthetic to your home 

For Sale Sign SVG

Increases value of property 

LightBulb SVG

Greater energy efficiency of the home 

Scraper SVG

Less likely to need future repairs 

Scraper SVG

Less likely to need future repairs 

Hardhat SVG

PVC guttering won’t break down 

Cloud SVG

Prevents damp and mould 

Cavity Wall SVG

Protects cavity wall insulation

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What is Concrete Gutter Lining?

Concrete gutter lining is an alternative method of repair that means you retain your Essex home’s existing concrete gutters but re-line them to improve their functionality. To repair the gutters’ functionality and seal them to prevent leaks and other problems, the old lining is taken out and replaced.  

Whilst installing concrete gutter lining, instead of a complete replacement, is a cheaper repair option, the problems will recur later down the line. Over time the lining will deteriorate again, causing dampness, mould and heat loss as well as other problems. If you’re on a tight budget, lining your gutters is a more cost-effective option that will effectively stop leaks, dampness and other problems, meaning you can opt for the complete replacement option later on. 

Finished concrete gutter lining project
A house with concrete gutter lining

The Concrete Gutter Lining Process

The first stage is in preparation of the site, and we use our own staging equipment to remove the need for scaffolding and save time and money. Preparation will involve a thorough cleaning of loose debris and concrete. The next step is to remove the tiles to make the removal of the old lining and cleaning of the gutters easier. Then, the gutters are given a fibreglass lining followed by the fitting of an EPS (Eaves Protection System) which bridges the old felting and slates to angle the water into the gutter and away from your walls. All joins are secured, including to your neighbour’s roofline, and then flashform is fitted to add another layer of protection before the tiles are replaced and the team cleans up the area before leaving. 

Advantages of concrete gutter lining

Timer SVG

Short-term solution

Cost Effective SVG

Cheaper Alternative

Checkmark SVG

Quick project 

Planning SVG

Not a complex project 

Leak SVG

Stops dampness and leaks

Hourglass SVG

Longer life for current guttering 

Checkmark SVG

Quick Project

Hourglass SVG

Longer life for current guttering 

What Problems do Finlock Gutters Cause?

Owing to the porosity of the concrete makeup of Finlock guttering, they have many problems. They are prone to leaking and this causes dampness both to the inside and outside of walls as well as making heating systems ineffective – wasting resources for heating the property. The biggest problem for Essex homes with Finlock guttering is leakage which will mean the house becomes moist and develops a mould issue. This is detrimental to the health of the occupants and can cause the need for expensive repair work internally and externally in the future, as well as depreciating the value of your property.  

What are the options?

There are two main solutions to issues with your concrete guttering problem – repair or replacement. Removal and replacement is the most efficient and long-lasting option to ensure your gutters are functional and protect your property and health. Repair is more affordable, whilst still being effective, as a short-term solution – although ultimately the same problems will likely occur again. This means replacement is the superior option as a solution that will prevent the need for additional repairs or maintenance and, although the upfront cost is higher, it is more economical in the long term. 

Get in touch with an expert member of our team for accurate information on costs and to discuss your unique situation.  

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