Concrete Gutter Removal & Replacement Derbyshire

Concrete gutters were popular amongst homes in the UK from, 1950s to the 1970s. They were seen as the replacement for iron gutters, due to the steel shortages at the time. As they worked well with cavity walls, they were seen as the better alternative to iron gutters and because of their easy installation process and durability, many homes in Derbyshire and surrounding areas had them installed.

Concrete gutters are known to have a lifespan of 30 years but, when unmaintained they can fail sooner, creating more problems. As concrete gutters are porous this creates more issues down the line as the gutters absorb the water instead of removing it. When it comes to Derbyshire, many homeowners are stuck with concrete gutters and all of the problems that arise from owning them.

Solutions For Concrete Guttering Derbyshire

When you're experiencing concrete gutter problems, it is important to take action. By removing and replacing the system entirely, this means no more issues will arise in the future.

At Finlock Removals, we have over 20 years’ experience in the field and tons of knowledge about every issue that can arise when these systems are unmaintained. When it comes to concrete guttering, we guarantee a job well done.

Newly installed uPVC gutter after their concrete gutter was removed

Finlock Gutter Removal Process

We understand that safety should always come first when working on your property. That’s why we make sure our team of experts handle this job with care and precision so you can have peace of mind, knowing the work has been done correctly by the people who know what they're doing!

Removing the concrete gutter can be done without the use of scaffolding as this can be accomplished in an affordable way. However, depending on the work needed, scaffolding may be required, but this depends on the problems your concrete gutter has caused.

Our team will then use a state-of-the-art diamond-tipped cutting blade, which has been designed to provide more precise and accurate work. As this process is loud and dusty, this should always be done by professionals, as mistakes can cause even bigger problems.

Then, once this process has been completed, the finlock team will carefully install your new uPVC gutter system along with an EPS tray (increases ventilation in your home’s roof space). Then once the job has been completed, we will clean up any mess left behind with our heavy-duty hippo waste bag.

For more information about concrete gutter replacement and its benefits, please visit our main information hub for a full breakdown of the removal process.

There are many advantages to having your concrete guttering replaced entirely, these are listed below:

Gettering SVG

Entirely new gutter system, without previous issues

Hourglass SVG

Longer lifespan

Hardhat SVG

More functional materials available for improved guttering (uPVC)

Cavity Wall SVG

Protects cavity wall insulation

Cloud SVG

Stops damp, leaks

Temperature SVG

Reduces cold bridging

House SVG

Improves aesthetic of the property

For Sale Sign SVG

Increases saleability of the property

LightBulb SVG

Improved energy efficiency

Scraper SVG

Less hassle with future repair work

Scraper SVG

Less hassle with future repair work

Hardhat SVG

More functional materials available for improved guttering (uPVC)

Cloud SVG

Stops damp, leaks

Cavity Wall SVG

Protects cavity wall insulation

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Concrete Gutter Lining

For those, who want to keep their budget in check, the alternative is concrete gutter lining. This process allows the homeowner to preserve the concrete gutter while relining them, which restores the gutter back to its original function. Finlock Removals offer a lining solution for properties across Derbyshire. We understand that not everyone can afford a finlock removal which is why concrete gutter lining is one of the best alternatives.

We know concrete gutter lining won’t last forever though. We’d rather be honest with you than create a false expectation which will leave a disappointed customer feeling let down in their purchase - this is not something we encourage at Finlock. However, investing in concrete gutter lining gets rid of the issues in the meantime whilst saving for a full concrete gutter removal.

Finlock removals employee removing concrete gutter
Concrete gutters lined

The Concrete Gutter Process

Like having your concrete gutters removed, the use of scaffolding is only necessary depending on the work needed. Our fitters will then attend your property on an agreed date that suits both of us, with the access equipment that they will assemble on-site.

When our fitters access your gutters, they will clear away any debris. This can include leaves and moss as well as dirt. They'll then remove previous linings if applicable as adding more layers of lining to your gutters will be difficult for water to flow. This could lead to overflowing problems.

The new clean and exposed concrete gutters are then lined with a coating of fibreglass paint which is waterproof, that helps to restore the gutter. This is an ideal solution as the quick-drying, waterproof paint can be applied in smaller gaps which have may appear in the concrete block. The process of applying the fibreglass paint is not visible and will not affect the exterior of your home.

We will then install an EPS tray under the tiles, to help the rainwater run off into your gutters. This is then sealed together and flashform is then applied.

Your concrete gutters will now be watertight, ensuring no further problems arise for a while.

Advantages of concrete gutter lining

Timer SVG

Short-term fix

Cost Effective SVG

More cost-effective

Checkmark SVG

Quick Completion

Planning SVG

Doesn’t require extensive planning

Leak SVG

Stops leaks and other issues

Hourglass SVG

Improved life span

Checkmark SVG

Quick Completion

Hourglass SVG

Improved life span

What Problems do Finlock Gutters Cause?

The problems with concrete gutters are well-known. The porous material absorbs water, rather than getting rid of it which leads to internal and external issues in your home’s structure.

If you want to avoid expensive repair bills down the line, it is important that leaks are repaired as soon and efficiently. Mould can grow in moist environments where there's water intrusion such as behind pipes or under sinks with damaged seals - the result being costly damages later on if left untreated for too long.

Replace or Repair?

To deal with the issues mentioned above, concrete gutters can either be lined or replaced. Whilst the lining process has its benefits as being a cheaper alternative, it’s not permanent and issues can still arise again in the future. At Finlock Removals, we advise a full removal/replacement to get rid of the problems entirely. However, as the removal process can be costly, we do offer the lining solution which will keep problems at bay for an extended period of time.


To prevent costly bills in the future, concrete gutter replacement is highly advised and a safer long-term solution. Whilst this can be more expensive upfront, investing in concrete gutter replacement ensures you won’t have any future costs and repairs that need to be fixed.

For more accurate information on costs, please contact us directly for a free quote. We would also be happy to discuss your circumstances with you further.

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