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Does your property in Cheshire have concrete gutters? Concrete gutters are very common in many properties, particularly in the Cheshire area, due to the high number of rural villages and the county being known for its Industrial Revolution heritage. However, many homeowners are unaware of how problematic these outdated systems become over the years, and just how harmful they can be to a property. Thankfully, Finlock Removals are specialists in this field and have developed tried-and-tested methods for dealing with properties with concrete gutters in Cheshire and the surrounding areas. 

Professional Concrete Gutter Removals and Lining in Cheshire

We provide sophisticated, professional removals and linings of concrete gutters for properties across Cheshire. We offer expert guidance on which service will work best for your needs. 

Cheshire - Finlock Gutters
Concrete gutter removed, then replaced with uPVC guttering

Specialist Concrete Gutter Removals Throughout Cheshire

Concrete gutter removal/replacement should be your go-to option if you can afford it. Don’t worry, it is not as expensive as it is made out to be. In the long term, concrete gutter removal is actually the most cost-effective option, as problems will not arise again once your concrete guttering has been removed. Of course, after removal, we replace them with contemporary systems made from uPVC. 

There are many advantages to having your concrete guttering replaced entirely, these are listed below:

Gettering SVG

Entirely new gutter system, without previous issues

Hourglass SVG

Longer lifespan

Hardhat SVG

More functional materials available for improved guttering (uPVC)

Cavity Wall SVG

Protects cavity wall insulation

Cloud SVG

Stops damp, leaks

Temperature SVG

Reduces cold bridging

House SVG

Improves aesthetic of the property

For Sale Sign SVG

Increases saleability of the property

LightBulb SVG

Improved energy efficiency

Scraper SVG

Less hassle with future repair work

Scraper SVG

Less hassle with future repair work

Hardhat SVG

More functional materials available for improved guttering (uPVC)

Cloud SVG

Stops damp, leaks

Cavity Wall SVG

Protects cavity wall insulation

The Process of Having Your Concrete Gutters Removed

Concrete gutter removal can be completed without the need for scaffolding, as we have invested heavily in providing our team with the latest Easi-Dec equipment. This ultimately saves the homeowner both money and hassle.  

Our fitters will arrive at your Cheshire residence with ready-to-assemble access equipment, which can easily be constructed and removed on the same day. This access equipment is fully compliant with HSE rules and regulations, unlike the ladder cripples alternatives, which are commonly used by other companies within the industry. The process is then completed by using a diamond-tipped cutting blade for more accurate work. 

We ensure all windows and doors are closed as we work, ensuring dust and noise is kept at bay. Moreover, as mentioned previously, only professionals like ourselves should conduct the job, as mistakes in or on your gutters can result in even more problems.  

Once your concrete guttering has been removed, our team will install new uPVC guttering, along with an E.P.S. tray system to provide ventilation for your roof space. We will clean up any mess left behind using our Hippo heavy-duty waste bags. 

For a full breakdown of our gutter removal and replacement process, click here. 

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Concrete Gutter Lining in Cheshire

We also offer a lining solution, which is a cheaper but more short-term alternative that still does the job. We at Finlock Removals make no attempt to hide the fact that lining solutions do not last forever. Nevertheless, they are still worth the investment.  

We value clear communication and believe that it is a must with any business practice. We would much rather be honest with you than offer a false promise that will leave you feeling disappointed. Having said this, we have developed tried-and-tested lining methods that should allow you to save up for full removal, while any issues you were experiencing at the time will be stopped in the meantime.  

Old concrete gutter lining is cut away
Tiles are removed from the existing concrete gutter

The Lining Process for Concrete Gutters

  1. We prepare the site for concrete gutter lining. 
  2. Our team then remove the roof tiles, to make the following steps easier. 
  3. We get rid of any old lining and thoroughly clean the gutter of leaves, moss and other blockages. 
  4. Once cleaned, the gutter will be lined using our non-porous, quick-drying fibreglass waterproof paint, which is more effective than any alternative lining solution. 
  5. Once the lining has dried, your E.P.S. system will then be installed with flash form fitted, and the tiles will be replaced. 
  6. Finally, if your Cheshire property is attached to a neighbour’s house, the gutters will be seamlessly joined to their gutter system to ensure better protection for your property.  

Advantages of concrete gutter lining

Timer SVG

Affordable Short-term fix

Cost Effective SVG

More cost-effective

Checkmark SVG

Quick Completion

Planning SVG

Doesn’t require extensive planning

Leak SVG

Stops leaks and other issues

Hourglass SVG

Improved life span

Checkmark SVG

Quick Completion

Hourglass SVG

Improved life span

Why are Concrete Gutters a Problem?

Concrete gutters became popular on homes between the 1950s and 1970s, owing to steel shortages at the time – which rendered metal guttering uncommon – in addition to the fact that they worked well with cavity walls. Concrete gutters can have a lifespan of up to 30 years but even less so if they are not maintained properly. Over time, concrete gutters become incredibly problematic for homeowners as they cause a myriad of problems.  

Concrete gutters are made of a porous material. This means that rather than removing the drainage water, the concrete absorbs it over time, ultimately causing many systems to fail. As the concrete soaks up the water rather than removing it, the gutter will become heavy, causing problems such as leakages, dampness and more.  

Leakages are one of the most common problems that many homeowners face and usually indicate that their concrete guttering is failing. Leaks will appear in the corners of the walls and if you have wallpaper, can sometimes cause it to peel.  

External leaks from your concrete gutters can result in dampness and mould appearing in your home as well. This can lead to both interior and exterior issues, resulting in costly repairs in the future if left untreated.  

Other issues if left untreated include: 

  • Windows will sag making them harder to open and close. 
  • Thermal bridging can occur, meaning heat will escape from your home more easily. 

Replace or Repair Costs - Finlock Removals Can Help

If you are facing the issues listed above, your concrete gutters will need to be either lined or replaced. Whilst the lining process has its benefits and is a cheaper alternative, it isn’t as long lasting as full removal and replacement. Finlock Removals offers impartial advice on what the best solution for your Cheshire home would be. If a full removal isn’t financially viable, we offer a professional lining service that will keep problems at bay while you save up for a more long-term fix. 

We want to help save you money in the long run. We highly recommend our replacement service as it constitutes a safer long-term solution. Investing in concrete gutter replacement protects you against any future costs and repairs required to fix the problems caused by concrete guttering at your Cheshire property, both internal and external. 

For more accurate information on costs, please contact us directly for a quote. We would also be happy to discuss your circumstances with you further.  

Why you Should Choose Finlock Removals

Here at Finlock Removals, we recommend full concrete gutter removal/replacement in order to prevent problems from reoccurring in the future. We provide our removal services in the Cheshire area, as well as the surrounding areas. Our methods have proven to be the least disruptive and most efficient way to safely remove your concrete gutters and replace them with uPVC.  

Only specialists should carry out the removal process to guarantee that no further problems arise, and no damage is done to the property. Unfortunately, we have witnessed some truly appalling quick fixes, which have caused homeowners to rack up an expensive bill. The team at Finlock Removals are trained professionals who provide comprehensive solutions for your needs in Cheshire.  



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