Concrete Gutter Lining & Repair

Finlock Removals have proven expertise and experience in concrete gutter repair and refurbishment, fitting lining to stop leaking and dampness in homes.

Having a full removal needs careful consideration and planning. Fortunately, concrete gutter lining is an alternate option that is a lot more cost-effective and still efficient at stopping leaking guttering.


Have peace of mind

We provide an 8 year guarantee on our lining solutions, whilst some companies may offer longer you will soon see why in their smallprint.


Qualified installation teams

Fully trained and insured craftsmen equipped with the latest access equipment to save you on scaffolding.

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Quick turnaround

Lining your gutters with us couldn't be any simpler, we understand people often what a quick solution and we can often have the work done within a matter of days.

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Dedicated customer care

We have an installations department as well as a service engineer, our aftercare is as important as the sale.

What is concrete gutter lining?

Concrete gutter lining is a solution that can be used to extend the life of your current guttering system, depending on the extent of the damage.

Once preparations have been completed, a specialised gutter liner is laid throughout the whole length of your concrete gutter, leaving it clean, watertight, and sealed against the elements.

It offers coverage with a fully waterproof material tailored to your property, providing a shorter-term, more economical, and less invasive solution to removing them fully.

How lining Finlock guttering improves your home

Concrete gutter lining is a service that re-lines the gutters with a waterproof material. This can be aluminium, rubber, bitumen, or in our case, fibreglass. Once the paint is in place, it helps ensure the gutters are waterproof once again.

Lining your gutters extends their lifetime and ensures they are functional once again. Concrete gutter lining is a functional repair job that ensures your gutters are returned to functional order. Concrete gutters can require consistent repair work over their lifetime. Processes such as concrete gutter lining can help to rectify some issues and result in fewer repair costs.

The concrete gutter lining process

Setting up the equipment to install the new concrete gutter lining
  • 01


Our fitting teams will turn up at your property ready to go. They bring all the equipment they could need, including HSE approved staging equipment, so you won’t have scaffold up before or after unless access is particularly problematic.

Before beginning any repair work, They'll clean the area around the damaged concrete gutter thoroughly. Remove any debris, loose concrete, or other materials that might interfere with the repair process.

Tiles are removed from the existing concrete gutter
  • 02

    Tiles Removed

Our installers will Examine the gutter to determine the extent of the damage. Next, our Specialists will carefully remove your first course of tiles. This isn’t entirely essential and may not be done if the tiles are nailed down, however, removing them does make the next steps easier for our fitters.

Old concrete gutter lining is cut away
  • 03

    Old linings cut away

A lot of our customers have had the finlock gutters lined previously with aluminium or bitumen, neither of which tend to last long term. Therefore one of the first steps is to remove these failed concrete gutter linings.

Cleaning out the concrete gutters
  • 04

    Cleaning out the gutters

Once any finlock gutter linings have been removed, or even if you haven’t had your gutters lined, there will be a fair amount of debris leftover in your gutters. Our fitting teams will ensure that your Finlock gutters are thoroughly cleaned out.

Concrete gutters lined
  • 05

    Concrete Gutters lined

Now that your gutters are nice and clean, they will be painted with our quick drying, waterproof, fibreglass. Our fitting teams don’t scrimp on this and ensure that your concrete gutters receive a proper coating of our fibreglass lining.

Concrete gutter is then joined to the neighbour
  • 06

    Join to neighbours

Most of the work that we do is on terraced or semi-detached houses, so we have perfected joining to neighbour’s gutters so that you don’t have to worry about falling out with anyone.

Installing the ESP on the concrete gutter lining
  • 07


We fit an EPS (eaves protection system) to your home, this is an essential step and one which most companies do not do! This EPS tray slides underneath your old felt and then angles down into the gutter, this ensures that no water can enter your home through holes or rips along the bottom of your roof felt.

EPS system is then joined to the roof of the concrete gutter
  • 08

    EPS Joined

We then join our EPS trays together to ensure that none of the individual trays are at risk from slipping or moving. This isn’t entirely necessary but it's an extra step that we like to take.

Flashform fitted on the concrete gutter lining
  • 09

    Flashform Fitted

Our fitters then fit flashform over the top of the EPS trays. Again, this isn’t entirely necessary, but we would rather be too cautious than not cautious enough when it comes to making sure that your home is waterproof.

Tiles are then replaced for the concrete gutter lining
  • 10

    Tiles Replaced

Your finlock gutters have now been lined so our fitting team will carefully put your roof tiles back in place. This will cover the flashform and most of the EPS with the exception of the small portion that overlaps into your gutters.

Finished concrete gutter lining project
  • 11

    The Finished Product

Once the work is complete our fitters will tidy up and all rubbish will be removed from site leaving your home as clean as it was when we arrived.

A house with concrete gutter lining
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    Installation complete

Now it is time to pay your bill and leave us a glowing review.

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Finlock concrete gutters were a drainage system installed on homes built between the 1950s – 60s. Made entirely from concrete, they are two horizontal troughs that sit at the top of your cavity walls.

Finlock gutters, although a great idea at the time, have become a nightmare for homeowners as they begin to fail. We frequently visit homes with dampness, temperature issues, leaking and uneven concrete guttering.

These effects are far more noticeable in bad weather and can be devastating to both the interior and exterior of buildings.

Why do concrete gutters fail?

They were initially used as an economical solution to steel guttering and was originally thought to be a sturdy and robust guttering solution. Unfortunately, concrete gutters have proven to be a failing system that has a lifetime of around 30-50 years.

Concrete is also a porous material, meaning it cannot effectively hold large volumes of water. Due to the gutter’s porousness, the concrete will begin to expand from the water, leading to lots of issues such as separation, thermal bridging, and leaking. In some extreme cases, the gutters can collapse entirely. Due to the porousness of the gutters, Finlock gutters do end up requiring frequent repairs and other maintenance costs to ensure their longevity. Processes such as concrete gutter lining are treatments that work to reseal the gutters, making them waterproof again and extending their lifetime.


Concrete guttering, also known as Finlock gutters, was installed on UK homes between 1950s – 1960s, as an economical alternative to steel shortages. They are made of two horizontal troughs that sit at the head of cavity walls. The whole system is made entirely from concrete which are placed on top of your cavity wall. 

As a company, we have over 21-years’ experience and are specialists in this industry, meaning your lining will be done to a high-quality standard set by us. We will provide you with a long-lasting solution that is weather-resistant.

We are confident to say that all our work comes with a 8-year guarantee.

Lining your current gutters will help to stop leaks and damp, giving a fully waterproof solution tailored to your property.

Concrete gutter lining is a much cheaper alternative to replacing them with upvc. It is also a far less disruptive and invasive process to have lining installed.

Many homeowners with concrete guttering tend to run into the same problems. If you are experiencing issues such as damp and mould, leaking and temperature loss – you should look into concrete gutter lining.

It highly depends on the amount of work needed and the current state of your Finlock guttering. An average job will take 1-2 days weather dependent.

  • Clean them and check your gutters regularly.
  • Prevent blockages from moss or leaves.
  • Seal any leaks.
  • Replace any damaged sections.
  • Simply contact us and let us solve all the issues for you.

Over time concrete gutters can become clogged with leaves, debris, and animal nests. This can be harmful for your gutters because it can cause the gutter to overflow, leak and cause internal problems which can cause further damage to your home.

We specialise in concrete gutter lining

Our highly trained fitters have over 18 years of experience in the concrete gutter lining industry and have developed a process that works.

They will confidently assess the current state of your Finlock guttering, knowing exactly what warning signs to look for. They will then provide trusted advice on the problems that are leading to damp or leaking issues.

Our team are thorough throughout the installation and won’t leave until your concrete guttering is back working to how it should. We also offer a 10-year guarantee on all our concrete gutter lining jobs, so you have the added reassurance that you are choosing the right company for the service.

Contact us today to discuss arranging a detailed quotation and answer any questions.

Mr and Mrs Ashed | Coventry

We had our gutters lined by Finlock Removals, they were very professional and we aren’t experiencing problems anymore. If we decide to get them removed we will go back to Finlock Removals.

Mr and Mrs Rees | Surrey

We were looking at selling our property but found that buyers were trying to haggle money off because our property had concrete gutters. We decided to get them removed and replaced with upvc and we got our asking price.

Mr and Mrs Barker | Plymouth

Our concrete gutters were leaking, we’d had them lined by another company but apparently that counted for nothing. We decided to get them removed by Finlock Removals and haven’t looked back

Mr and Mrs Mason | Whitby

We’d had quotes from other companies but Finlock Removals really seemed to stand out and we’re so glad that we went with them.

Mr Franklin | Cheshire

I can’t believe how quickly the fitters completed the work and now it all looks so much better

Ms Ward | Essex

What a fantastic job! Signed the order form online, the fitters came with the access equipment, were polite and helpful and took the access equipment away with them

Mr and Mrs Lloyd | Cardiff

We had damp in our property. Removing the concrete gutters has resolved that problem and Finlock Removals were so helpful throughout

Mr and Mrs Gilbert | Kent

Finlock Removals have completely transformed the look of our house and were so efficient